Trump’s top intelligence election officials say Don’s claim of mail-in voter fraud is fake news


According to CNN, the issue of fake election ballots and widespread mail-in voter fraud only came up after a lawmaker asked officials to discuss it. The briefing, according to sources, was designed to be led by U.S. intelligence officials who are tasked with our election security. If anyone in our government is supposed to know about the potential security issues surrounding voting in our country, these are the people.

This is not fresh news to anyone reading factual information about our election security issues. As Evanina and other election security experts have already written and stated numerous times, the biggest issues facing our electoral integrity are the fears of hacking and compromising the digital infrastructure of our outdated and Republican-defunded elections security systems.

It is of the utmost importance to remember that GOP donor Louis DeJoy has been very purposefully sabotaging the Postal Service’s ability to handle the mail since being installed by Trump as the postmaster general. It took about $2 million of DeJoy’s donations to allow him a chance to play fascist stooge for this administration.


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